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Our Advantage

 Freedom DIY do as one wishes

Any bottom material can be used:Cotton linen, woven cloth, blankets, canvas, sportswear, swimwear cloth and so on......
Any bottom color:Light, floral, solid, dark and so on can easily Hot pressing.

Photo texture colorful

Individual character DIY design adds industrial printing Highlight,Ensure print quality The color is gorgeous,Color does not fade.

Their own customize Stay ahead of the curve.

Their own design,no limit,leading the fashion:Play a big style、fashion、tidal current,think what you desire,Print you want to print!

Advantages of thermal transfer heat transfer paper performance

1. With bright colors, texture soft, hot stamping convenient.
2. Suitable for swimwear, bodybuilding, high-end T-shirts, children's wear,

    sportswear, nylon, chemical fiber fabrics.
3. Excellent washability and good color,Color does not fade.
4. It meets the requirements of environmental protection, does not contain formaldehyde, does not contain heavy metals, and conforms to the European EN-71 environmental protection standard.