Q:  Where is your factory(manufacturer)?

A:  Our factory address is located at No. 108, Hengsha Road, Lujiang Road, Shaxi Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, close to Guangzhou and Shenzhen, with convenient transportation. With 16 years of industry experience, it is trustworthy.

Q:  How long is this product stored? What are the storage conditions for this product?

A:  Our product storage time is one year, storage conditions require shelter from the wind, shelter from sunlight, moisture, and heavy pressure. 10-30℃ at room temperature, no more than 20 ° C in the shade, storage humidity 35-75%, to prevent weathering and moisture absorption.

Q:  What are the advantages of your products?

A:  Our production process is comparable to the well-known Italian brands and we have mastered advanced technology. The biggest feature of the product is matte, texture, good stretching force, anti-transparency and fluorescent color. Applicable to clothing, bags, and other textile fabrics, excellent washable water. We are committed to the best service, the lowest price. Achieve win-win.

Q:  Can you do our design?

A:  Of course, we accept (OEM / ODM). We have a dedicated process department that can help you make your own design (eg processing or digital printing or lettering)

Q:  What are your countermeasures for quality problems?

A:  Our products are 100% quality tested before delivery, please provide videos and photos if you have any quality problems. We will re-send the product for you based on the specific situation.

Q:  If I'm only hot, there's no machine, how can I press the logo?

A:  Do not use steam when ironing first! If you choose a steam iron, please select "No steam" and make sure there is no water in the iron;
In fact, the gear position first selects the temperature below the mid-range, first try the effect of the hot pressing, if the effect is not strong, then adjust the temperature a little higher. It is recommended that you test the temperature first during hot pressing.

Q:  The temperature is adjusted, you can't press the logo. How to solve this situation?

A:  In this case, you can try to solve from these three aspects:
First check if the machine is hot and the operation is normal.
Secondly, the pattern is placed correctly, and the front and back sides cannot be misplaced.
Confirm again that the fabric is suitable and cannot be used in water repellent fabrics (down, windbreaker)

Q:  What is your payment method?

A:  Small-lot orders are prepaid in full, with a 30% down payment in mid-lot, and 70% of the balance is paid before shipment. Large orders are prepaid with a 30% deposit, 40% in advance, and 30% of the balance is paid before shipment.